Helping build stronger business
Management Consulting and business transformation
project management - management consulting - business transformation
Begin with the end in mind
project management - management consulting - business transformation
Successful project delivery means being able to orchestrate all the practical details while maintaining unwavering focus on the grand vision
Focus - Leadership - Results
project management - management consulting - business transformation
Project Managers, Active Learners and Critical Thinkers
Architecting project success
project management - management consulting - business transformation
Experts in planning projects, organizing work, managing risks and leading our clients to success
Success through collaboration
Building strong working relationships and trust
project management - management consulting - business transformation
critical thinking for mission critical projects
Detailed planning, proven processes, and high standards drive delivery consistency and increased project success
project management - management consulting - business transformation
Creating momentum and focus
Experts in recovering projects in distress and architecting turnaround solutions that enable the organization to realize its full potential
project management - management consulting - business transformation


Adesso is a professional services consulting firm specializing in Project Management, Management Consulting and Business Change. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we have built a solid reputation both locally and internationally for delivering project success to our clients.

Our team of professionals understand the unique challenges and complexities our clients face in an ever changing business world. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their business vision, project goals and objectives and help develop winning strategies that will lead them to success.

We are focused and results oriented and leverage many years of diverse industry experience to bring the right mix of knowledge, tools and techniques to each project. 

Our team of project managers, management consultants, change agents and technical strategists are determined to get the job done right and provide all our clients with successful results.

What we do

Project/Program Management

Big or small, our approach is consistent. Each project is a journey and we are with our clients every step of the way.

We focus on the details, consider the risks, plan for success and communicate constantly to ensure all stakeholders are on board and focused on achieving successful results.

Our project managers are experienced and proven. We bring a balanced approach to project delivery and leverage all our experience to ensure the project remains on track and we see them through to a successful conclusion. Simply put, we bring focus and leadership to our engagements which drive positive results for clients.

Management Consulting

Our extensive experience in delivering business and technology projects has resulted in a solid understanding and appreciation of business practices and operations.

Over the years, our team has consulted our clients on numerous business initiatives including new business start ups, governance, organizational communications, risk management, operations management, organization effectiveness, service delivery improvements, and strategic planning.

APM’s strength is that we recognize that things can go wrong and bring a practical approach and a solid perspective to management.

Change Management

The people directly involved and impacted by a change in the organization offer the greatest opportunity for success, but also the greatest risk. By engaging management, staff and stakeholders proactively, frequently, consistently and honestly will help mitigate any risks associated with agreement and buy-in.

At APM, our team draws on sound organizational change management practices and effective communication to develop a tailored approach best suited to each organization’s capabilities and culture.


We offer practical and comprehensive hands on project management training that enables clients to successfully manage and lead their own projects. Our customized training programs offer the tips, tools and techniques your leaders need to improve their project management capability.

APM’s difference is in the customization of each and every session to ensure relevancy to the client audience. We tailor all our curriculum to align with your unique environment and existing processes, ensuring the training is relevant, practical and easily applied.

How We Work

We are focused and results oriented, because we know at the end of the day that’s what it takes to be successful and achieve the right project results. 

Working collaboratively with our clients, we understand their business objectives and adapt our approach to align with their vision.

We bring the right mix of process, tools and experience to meet the toughest of challenges. Our team takes ownership and is extremely focused on architecting a project delivery solution that drives client success.